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Client Testimony

When I came to Options for Women, I was confused, embarrassed, felt ashamed, guilty, and helpless. I was a single parent and had 2 toddlers at home and pregnant with a 3rd child. There was no way I could handle a third child, I thought! I was a mess! Abortion seemed to be the most reasonable answer, and yet, I just needed to hear and consider what my options were. I needed help!

531-800When I walked through the door at Options for Women, I was greeted with warmth and friendliness. Despite my nervousness and the anxiety I was feeling, the atmosphere was calming and homey. I felt that the staff was genuine and just wanted to help, in whatever way they could.

When ushered into the counseling room, I really didn’t know what to expect. There were questions I was asked, and it was actually helpful to just concentrate on my answers and a distraction for the way I felt. I never once felt judged and the experience was nothing but supportive, caring and even nurturing. What I needed most, was someone I could talk to. I didn’t need advice, but just needed help in sorting out my thoughts and emotions. That help came, through the counselor.

My three options were presented to me, in detail. When abortion was explained to me, I soon realized it wasn’t what I wanted, and yet, I was still trying to sort my life out. When I was presented with the second option, adoption; I was reminded of the words that came out of my mouth at that time, “I can’t give this baby up.” It was confirmed in my mind and emotions at that moment. I was sure I would keep this baby. Even though I had no idea how it would work out, I just knew parenting was my only option.

I delivered a beautiful, healthy little girl on Easter Sunday. She is one of the three joys of my life and she is loved so much. I can’t thank Options for Women enough for the help I received in coming to the conclusion I did. I can’t imagine life without her.

My experience of Options for Women far exceeded what I could think or imagine. I am happy, my children are happy, and I am ever so thankful for the decision I made, through the help of Options for Women. For anyone facing a similar situation in life, I would recommend the help of Options for Women, without hesitation.

We do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions, abortifacients, or contraceptives, but are committed to offering accurate information about abortion procedures and risks.